Friday, September 2, 2005

About me and this blog

Hi. I'm Harley and I'm a lot of things: Worshiper, Lover of God, Husband, Builder, Reader. These are a few of the words I'd use to describe myself. The Builder moniker has various manifestations which are hopefully guided by the previous self-identifications. Among them are developing software, wood working, auto mechanics, home improvement, playing music, writing and photography. Postings on this blog will mainly involve my thoughts on miscellaneous subjects such as religion, politics or anything else that catches my fancy.

I also twitter. And finally, I have a page that contains a list of my other blogs and some more general information about me.

Comments are welcome but I do moderate them. This is simply to keep things wholesome for general family viewing. By default, comments will be accepted. The few things that will cause a comment to be rejected are:

1. It is too long even though it may be well-written and make interesting points. It's supposed to be a comment, not an essay. If you have that much to say, write a blog article and backlink to me.

2. It is nasty, impolite or uses language that is unacceptable.

3. It includes a a link that has a typo or is broken in some other way.

4. It should have been sent as an e-mail since it is clearly addressed to me and does not appear to have been intended for other readers.

5. It is blatantly self-promotional. This does not mean it can't be self-promotional at all, but it should add some value over an above the marketing.