Thursday, September 11, 2008

Establishing a throne: Would Jesus be a Democrat or Republican?

Jesus would have been a Democrat.
Someone was loudly proclaiming this on the internet the other day shortly after Senator Obama's speech at the close of the Democratic National Convention. Over the years I have heard Republicans express similar claims on the loyalty of Jesus to their party. I have got some news for all these people: your paradigm is completely, utterly wrong.

Jesus would not be a member of either party. Not only that, he would reject the whole governmental system of the United States. He is not interested in democracy. He is not interested in a republic. No. Get this straight:
Jesus is a king.
He does not care about political planks on some party's platform. He doesn't care about building consensus or opening dialog in a pluralistic society. Rather, He leads a kingdom. His word is law. He speaks and righteousness and justice are established. Any who do not agree with Him have no place under His leadership and will be removed from His kingdom.

No, we cannot claim Jesus to our side.

All we can do is align ourselves to His side.

This is the first in a series entitled Establishing a throne:
  1. Would Jesus be a Democrat or Republican?
  2. How is it established?
  3. Who sits on it?
  4. What is justice?
  5. What is righteousness?

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