Thursday, November 6, 2008

What is your vision?

President-elect Obama has this web site where his transition team claims to be soliciting input on our vision for America. The site has a single text box with the caption Tell us your vision for the country. On the side bar there are links for BHO's agenda. I have used the titles for the links for each of the sections below. I doubt my responses will have any impact on them, but here they are for the general public to see and comment on.

Revitalizing the Economy

Get the government out of the way!! Encourage small business. Reduce barriers to entry. Don't redistribute wealth. Those that are wealthy are the ones who start businesses, pay wages and create jobs.

The borrower is servant to the lender. We need to begin paying off our national debt. In the past there's been talk about a balanced budget. I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about a budget wherein we spend less than is taken in so principle can be paid on the debt. Right now it stands at $10.5 trillion and is increasing at almost $4 billion per day! This does not include unfunded obligations. If those are included, the number rises to a more accurate $59.1 trillion. Each household owes over half a million dollars. This has got to stop! No state, county, municipality or household can indefinitely fund itself on credit. Neither can the federal government. The only way to do this is to cut back on services. There is no way to raise taxes sufficiently to pay off $500,000 per household in any sort of reasonable amount of time.

Ending the War in Iraq

Don't be too quick to leave. We entered the area and took out an evil government. This was a great thing! When we do leave, we need to make sure we're not leaving a vacuum for more evil to fill. We need to ensure there is a stable government in place to continue to rebuild the country in a positive direction.

Providing Health Care for All

HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT!! It is a service provided by one individual or group of individuals to another, just like having the oil changed in my car. Individuals need to be responsible for their own health care, not the government. If businesses want to insure people, let them. If some charitable organizations want to help those in need, let them. Let individuals contribute to those organizations. Part of the problem with rising health care costs is too much hierarchy in the payment system and not enough personal responsibility. A friend of mine, Ann Torrence, has a very interesting solution to the "problem".

Protecting America

Seal the borders. Tight. Any law enforcement agency should have the authority to remove illegal aliens from United States' soil simply for the fact that they are not here legally. Provide border patrol with the support they need to do the job with personnel, arms, equipment and laws. Don't undermine them for political reasons. Deadly force is not always inappropriate.

Renewing American Global Leadership

This starts with the false premise that we've lost our global leadership position. Leadership means taking bold steps in righteous and just directions. Many in the world will disagree with our decisions. If the direction is correct, their disagreement is not our problem, it's theirs. We don't need to build global consensus or follow global governmental bodies. We need to prayerfully follow God's agenda, not that of any other nation.
So there are my thoughts. What are yours?

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