Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is the Gospel? (and status update)

My friend Mike Frye has a great blog called Shewmen and asked me to write a guest article. I chose the topic "What is the Gospel?" and it can be read here. Thanks Mike for that opportunity and the accountability to actually publish something.

Speaking of publishing something, I was fairly quiet on this blog last year. I have quite a few articles in various stages of completeness, some are about faith and some are politics. Some of the quietness came from a lack of time to do final editing. However, it was due in larger part to the fact that as I was writing them in the wake of the 2008 elections and the changes immediately thereafter, I found the tone and my heart to be moving in a direction I wasn't sure was where I wanted to go. In light of this, I backed off pressing the publish button.

I plan to revisit, and probably publish, most of them this year. With some perspective and prayer, hopefully they'll have the tone I wish them to have.

I pray everyone has a blessed 2010.

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