Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why war against the King of Kings?

During my read through Revelation over the last year, one of the things that has never really made sense to me in this book is the mindset of those who war against God. I've always pondered, "who do they think they are?" I mean things that have never happened before in history are happening. Cataclysmic judgment is falling around them, they know He caused it, and yet they don't repent and turn to Him for salvation.[1]

In one of the last scenes, the armies of all nations on the planet are arrayed against the King of all Kings. Up to this point, there have been all sorts of incredible signs that the end is near and they need to repent. Finally, the sky has split open and Jesus has come down from heaven.

Stop. Think about this. There is no special effects team creating this in some movie software and putting it on the screen. This is here and now reality. The One who created the universe in all its intricate detail, majestic beauty and awesome power stands in front of them. Yet they doggedly persist in rebellion. How can they? Do they not see they are doomed? And then it hit me, I'm looking at this in too limited a context. I have to back up a bit and get a bigger picture.

There's a significant part of our society that denies the spiritual. They say there is no God. They think they find naturalistic explanations for things that scripture clearly explains God caused. Within this context of discrediting anything their concept of science cannot support, the Anti-Christ and his false prophet make their appearance with demonstrable signs of supernatural power. Their abilities fill an vacuum created by society's refusal of the unearthly. With nothing to compare to, their power seems large, mighty and overwhelming. However, in reality, when compared to Jesus power, they are so insignificant as to not matter.

So, in the end, because of their prejudice, as Revelation says[2], the Anti-Christ deceived them. They cannot see that the one they follow who they think has enormous power is a mere slave when compared to the King. They thought they were wise in denying that God created the universe. They thought in their wisdom they found natural reasons for things that, without their blinders of preconception, are obviously from the Creator. This reliance on their own understanding opened them to being deceived and played the fool and ultimately their destruction.[3]

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