Friday, October 12, 2012

My Litmus Test

In this election year, as in every one, we all make our list of issues by which to measure candidates and decide who will receive our vote. Some of the important issues this election cycle, in no particular order, include the overall economy, governmental spending and debt, foreign policy, jobs, national security, energy and personal freedoms. However, my first and foremost criteria when judging a candidate's credentials is their stand on abortion. They must not support killing children in the womb. They must protect life from the point of conception. If they are not unequivocal on this point, then no other policy issues matter. That's not to mean the other issues don't matter, just that this one out-ranks all the other's combined in importance. If there are multiple candidates that are equivalent on this issue, only then do other ones come into play in the selection process.

Some may consider my criteria unreasonable. That's fine. I don't really care. I must answer to God, not them. I believe this issue is more important to His heart than the others and so I must align my beliefs and actions accordingly. He creates life.[1] He dances with joy over us.[2] He knows us and forms us in the womb.[3] He desires the children to come to Him.[4] Harsh judgement awaits those who cause little ones to stumble.[5] And He removes societies who destroy their children.[6]

In the last 39 years, we have killed 54 million American citizens.[7] Stop a minute and let that number soak in. That's equivalent to the states of California (37m), Oregon (4m), Washington (7m), Nevada (3m) and Utah (3m) combined.[8] That's over 40 times the U.S. dead from all our wars since 1775 combined (1.3m).[9] Look what we did when an enemy killed 3,000 on September 11, 2001.[10] Look what we did when an enemy killed 2,400 on December 7, 1941.[11] As a nation we rose up and put an end to the perpetrators. And yet we do little when four orders of magnitude more people are slaughtered. And not just people, but infants. The most weak and vulnerable among us. As a nation, we stand condemned before God. All we can do is repent, align ourselves with His kingdom principles and beg for His mercy.[12]

1. Genesis 1:26ff; Revelation 4:11
2. Proverbs 8:31
3. Psalm 139:13ff
4. Luke 18:16
5. Mark 9:42
6. Leviticus 18:21, 24; Jeremiah 32:26ff
12. 2nd Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 32:5

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